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Dot Net is one of the sought after demanded courses if you like to get placed in IT Industries. Qmatrix Technologies is your right destination for the best dot net training in Chennai. We provide top-in class courses for Dot Net Programming and we deliver it through certified Trainers. Qmatrix Technologies offers dot net training in order to help learners in their growing career.Created by Microsoft, Dot NET is an open source developer platform. This runs majorly on Microsoft Windows. Dot Net Training at Qmatrix Technologies gives the participants to work on a scalable and powerful framework.For the aspirants, we aimed to gain expert knowledge of every module through experts. We provide a clear and in-depth understanding of the skill set. The topics covered under our curriculum ensured to have the latest and best real-time examples. Thus we help students in getting the right job placement after Dot Net Training completion.
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Dotnet Training

.Net Core is open source technology and day by day many companies are adopting this technology to develop the software for their organizations. Therefore, it has become popular among youngsters, who want to make a career in IT. Taking .NET course at QMatrix TechnologiesTechnologies, will help all your profession dreams materializes in the present IT field.

  • All those necessary skills needed to become a .NET developer.
  • Ability to describe Microsoft .NET Framework Architecture
  • Comprehensive understanding on .NET Framework basic as well as advanced concepts
  • Building logic to develop C# programs
  • Explore the differences between structures, classes, interfaces, abstract classes etc.
  • Building and Managing database Using SQL Serve
  • Proficiency on Dot Net that includes programming in real time Project experience.
  • Best suited for those who are interested in developing modern web, and service oriented applications on Microsoft platform
  • Suited for anyone interested in becoming a .NET developer
  • No specific requirements for enrolling in this Dot Net Training.
  • However, understanding on C#SQL Server, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET can be a good start for advanced learning.


  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • What is Asp.Net
  • How Asp.Net Works
  • Use of visual studio
  • Different Languages used in Asp.Net.
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • .NET Framework Class Library.
  • Installing Internet Information Server
  • Installation of Asp.Net
  • virtual directory
  • Application Setting in IIS.
  • Overview of SQL Server 2008
  • Installation of SQL Server 2008
  • Features of SQL Server Express
  • SQL Server 2008 Express management tools
  • Overview of coding standards follows during programming
  • Basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Displaying information
  • Label Controls
  • Literal Controls
  • Bulleted List
  • Accepting User Input
  • Textbox controls
  • RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls
  • CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls
  • Button controls
  • LinkButton Control
  • ImageButton Control
  • Using Hyperlink Control
  • DropDownList
  • ListBox
  • Displaying Images
  • Image Control
  • Image Map Control
  • Using Panel Control
  • Using Hyperlink Control
  • Page & State Management
  • Overview of events in page
  • Required Field Validator Control
  • Regular Expression Validator Control
  • Compare Field Validator Control
  • Range Validator Control
  • Validation Summary Control
  • Custom Validator Control
  • Creating master pages
  • Creating default contents
  • Nesting master pages
  • Registering master pages in web configuration
  • Accepting File Uploads
  • Saving files to file system
  • Calendar Control
  • Displaying advertisements
  • Displaying Different Page view
  • Displaying a Tabbed Page View
  • Wizard Control
  • Database Architecture
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Manipulation of Data (SQL Command)
  • Stored Procedure
  • Function
  • Trigger
  • Views
  • Cursor
  • Creating database connections
  • Connecting to MSSQL Server and MS ccess
  • DataSet&DataTable Features
  • Using inline SQL Statements
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • Executing select commands
  • Sql Transaction


Dot Net

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Although .NET can be quite challenging to learn, the certification opens up a multitude of job opportunities, such as:

  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Senior .NET Developer
  • Junior .NET developer
  • Associate Software Developer (.NET)
  • Microsoft .NET developer
  • Professional Full-stack .net developer
  • .NET Developer (Full Stack, Microservices) Support
  • ASP.NET Core Developer – OnGraph Technologies

Our .NET course aims to make you proficient in:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Architecture
  • .NET Framework basic and advanced concepts
  • Visual Studio 2019 to run, debug, and test C# programs
  • Practical usage of OOPs concepts like abstractions, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Logically developing C# programs & use concepts like delegates, generics, and collections.
  • Practical usage of partial and full classes, objects, properties, and static classes.
  • Differentiating between abstract classes, interfaces, structures, classes, etc.
  • Developing and managing database with SQL Server and using fundamentals like joins, queries, stored procedures and functions.

Regardless of your technical or non-technical background, our .NET course in Chennai has the best curriculum to help you master the programming language efficiently and quickly. If you aim to become a .NET developer, you should enrol in our course asap.

When taking up a .NET developer job, you will be required to:

  • Design and develop customised software solutions
  • Determine and analyse software requirements
  • Support the continuous software development

Qmatrix .NET training prepares you to handle all kinds of duties and responsibilities associated with this job role.

While familiarity with C# is an added advantage, it is not required for Aimore’s certification course. However, it would be best if you are skilled in:

  • Understanding the client’s technology
  • Designing and developing a budget
  • Sensible time management
  • Problem-solving and customer support

Our .NET training course in Chennai will further hone your skills in .NET programming and .NET projects.

QMatrix Technologies have a list of hand-picked courses that will surely place you in your dream job. We focus on hands-on practical sessions so that you are prepared for the live scenario. We feel this step itself is half success. Besides, we limit our batch sizes to not more than four students per batch. This is because we wish to give individual attention to each student. All our courses are job-oriented, and we aim to make you industry ready. The first thing a student looks for in a training institute is placement assistance. We are happy that we provide placement support too. Well, about the Dot Net training in Chennai itself, you needn’t take our word only

The number of codes applied in large web applications can reduce with Dot Net framework. Dot Net provides you the advantage of WYSIWYG which is found in the Visual Studio. There is the benefit of Windows conformation at each step of development. This leads to the security of ASP NET. For those who are curious to know the relationship between .NET and ASP .NET, ASP. NET lets programmers to write ASP .NET code applying any supported .NET language. To know more about this, enroll in the Dot Net classes in Chennai. The caching system that .NET has is very powerful and easy to use. Coupled with your passion for learning, pages with .NET are very simple to write and maintain. Enroll in the Dot Net certification in Chennai and get trained by expert trainers who value your pace of learning.

Due to its vast range of functionality, Dot Net is favorite. If you go by the opinion that maintaining a framework is much simpler and less costly than implementing a new one, then opting for Dot Net is the right choice. C#, which belongs to .Net’s framework has excellent benefits too. It is runtime efficient, simple to maintain, and scalable. Dot Net is still a viable option for mobile and web development. The Dot Net community is progressing quicker than ever.

Right from its inception in 2002, there has been the emergence of several open-source .NET projects including ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, Xamarin, etc. To learn about the importance of Dot Net and its ecosystem enroll in the Dot Net training course in Chennai from QMatrix TechnologiesTechnologies.

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